Topanga Canyon (IH) - 3.5g - Chicago Greens

Chicago Greens

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Also known as Topanga Canyon OG, Topanga Canyon is an Indica dominant hybrid that reviewers say is well balanced and powerful.

This strain is born from crossing the Indica, Topanga, with the Sativa, Sweatband. Both of its parents are potent in THC levels and effects, making Topanga Canyon a highly sought out strain for those looking for a strong and heavy experience.

Topanga Canyon's aroma excites the senses with its sharp and sweet fragrance, laced with citrus, pine, and fuel. Breaking apart these buds will release a skunky and dank undertone reminiscent of its OG heritage. Upon combustion, Topanga Canyon produces an earthy thick smoke, with undertones of fuel and citrus.

Grown by: Temescal Wellness

Packed by: J-BAM

TAC: 40.02%

Batch: 1.23.24

test: 3.1.24

Pack: 3.18.24

*check with agent*

THC34.29%Strain TypeIndica Hybrid

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