Super Silver Haze (S)- 28g Popcorn Buds - Glorious Cannabis

Glorious Cannabis Co.

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Effects: creativity, energetic, euphoric, daytime

Flavors: chemical, citrus, pine

Super Silver Haze may be the most awarded Sativa-Dominant hybrid available. A combination of Skunk, Northern Lights and Haze, this energetic strain smells and tastes of pine, sour citrus and eucalyptus creating a menthol-laced, enduring, contented high which renders the daytime user ready to do anything, although what that something is might be lost due to lack of focus.

TAC: 19.8

CBGA: 1.55

batch: 4.24.24

test: 5.16.24

pack: 5.20.24

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THC17.4%Strain TypeSativa
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