Southern Hashpitality (H) - 1.0G Live Hash Rosin - Bountiful Farms

Bountiful Farms

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From Lake Valley Seed Co is Waffle House x Shallot Sashimi. While cannabis strain names continue to get more and more abstract there are some that immediately peak your interest. With a word play on southern charm/hospitality this strain will welcome you with its Og/gas forward in your face terpene profile. While we selected this strain for hash production, we are also releasing it in limited flower batches to celebrate her profiles not only in the solventless concentrate form but in the raw flower form as well.

Our premium live hash rosin comes from first and second wash trichomes with where only the 70-149 microns are captured to press.

We recommend refrigerating between sessions but letting the jar rise to room temperature before opening and consuming for the best experience.

THC87.8%Strain TypeHybrid
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