Root Beer Slushie (S) - 3.5g Flower - Smyth

Smyth Cannabis Co.

  • $25.00

Root Beer Slush tastes exactly how you’d expect with a name like this! This pleasantly sweet sativa strain for creativity is just as calming as it is a pick-me-up. It’s sure to lighten your mood while also providing nice, relaxing bodily effects. You’ll find yourself reaching for Root Beer Slush at any time of the day.

“Sweet and raw on the taste, Root Beer Slush will have you feeling uplifted and in the mood to adventure into any artistic endeavor. Definitely a Sativa while smoking but tapers off into a nicely balanced body buzz/head high.” -Hayden, Brand Ambassador

Cross: Root Beer x i95

Flavor: Citrus, Coffee, Sweet, Creamy

Terpenes: 1.72%

test: 5.23.24

pack: 5.28.24

*confirm with agent*

THC22.21%Strain TypeSativa

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