Mission Critical (H) - 14g Popcorn - Simply Herb

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Critical is a cross of an Afghani strain with an heirloom** Skunk. Their goal was to create a stony strain with a quick growing period that produces quality yields in northern latitudes. Consumers can expect a strong earthiness that is pungent yet sweet, while the high is sedative and relaxing.

**Heirloom cannabis strains refer to those that have been cultivated for many years, often decades or centuries, and handed down over generations. These time-tested cannabis varieties are prized for their unique effects, tastes, aromas, and cultural significance.

TAC: 26.3094

CBGA: 1.2210

Caryophyllene: 0.624

Terpinolene: 0.425

humulene: 0.198

batch: 5.1.24

test: 6.4.24

pack: 6.4.24

~confirm with agent~

THC23.87%Strain TypeHybrid

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