G25 x Do Si Dos (I) - 3.5g - Glorious Cannabis - MELT

Glorious Cannabis Co.

  • $25.00

Gelato #25 x Dosido

This strain is gassy! This indica dominant hybrid packs a big punch and doesn’t lack on the taste or smell. She is a heavy yielder with boulders for nugs. The terps are loud, boasting huge dank gas with earthy undertones along with a ever so slight gelato-y cream smell. The smoke is smooth and the high is heavy. It's perfect for relaxing and will help you take a load off, but don’t plan on doing much after smoking this lady unless it’s a nap.

Experience the ultimate relaxation with Total Melting Indica - be prepared to melt into your couch and let go of all your stresses! This potent strain is sure to provide a deeply calming and tranquilizing effect, leaving you in a state of pure relaxation."

Typical Dominant Terpenes: Myrcene, Linalool

TAC: 33.5

CBGA: 1.71

batch: 4.24.24

test: 5.16.24

pack: 5.22.24

*confirm with agent*

THC31.03%Strain TypeIndica

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