Double Myntz (I) - 3.5g Flower- Road Tripper

Road Tripper

  • $35.00

Sin Mint Cookies x Mint Chocolate Chip

This indica-dominant hybrid has a delicious, minty flavor with hints of nutty cookie in every tasty toke! The aroma is very sweet and minty with an earthy nutty overtone that's slightly pungent. The high grabs ahold of your mind as soon as you exhale, lifting you into an almost frenzied energized state packed full of giggles and entertaining conversations. These effects wane quickly, however, and you may find yourself feeling hazy and stoney in no time. Dominant terpenes include myrcene, linalool, and bisabolol.

TAC: 35.21

Total Terpenes: 2.38%

Top Three Terps:

Limonene: 0.51%

BetaCaryophyllene: 0.53%

Linalool: 0.26%

batch: 2.14.24

test: 3.30.24

pack: 4.12.24

*varied by batch, confirm with agent*

Strain TypeIndica

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