Citradelic Cookies (H) - 3.5g - Flower - Rev Farms

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  • $25.00

Genetics: Ethos Cookies X Citradelics Sunset

Strain Type: Hybrid

Get ready for a rollercoaster ride with Citradelic Cookies, the product of Ethos Cookies and Citradelic Sunset! Whether you're vibing with its lime and candy phenos for a bubbly, uplifting buzz or diving into its berry and gas varieties for a heavier, laid-back experience, this evenly balanced hybrid guarantees a wild journey. With its sweet yet tangy citrus-berry flavor and a pungent aroma that's like a punch in the face (in the best way possible), Citradelic Cookies is your ticket to euphoric highs and endless giggles!

TAC: 27.53%

Batch: 3.7.24

Test: 3.31.24

Package: 4.2.24

*varies by batch, confirm with your agent*

THC25.48%Strain TypeHybrid

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