Caramel Gelato (H) - 3.5g Flower - KYND


  • $30.00

Caramel Gelato Strain is an indica-dominant hybrid created by crossing Apple Cider strain with Jet Fuel Gelato strain. Perfect for those lazy afternoons or early evenings, Caramel Apple Gelato offers a tart yet sweet apple flavor profile with hints of vanilla, and may leave users feeling focused and uplifted.

TAC: 30.59%

D9THC: 1.21%

Terps: 2.85%

Top 3: Myrcene, Caryophyllene, Linalool

Batch: 1.24.24

Test: 3.8.24

Pack: 3.19.24

*varies by batch, confirm with your agent*

THC29.15%Strain TypeHybrid

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