Blackberry Gelato (H) - 1g Icewater Hash Infused Pre-Roll - Glorious

Glorious Cannabis Co.

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Blackberry Gelato Hash Infused Preroll By Glorious Cannabis Co.

by Glorious Cannabis Co.

Blackberry Gelato 1g Pre-Roll Indica Leaning Hybrid Flavors: Sweet, Berry, Diesel Effects: Euphoric, Hazy, Relaxing —- About This Product —- Glorious Bubble Hash joints took the infused market by storm! As soon as it dropped, it quickly rose up the ranks due to its high potency and amazing flavor profile. At the time, most infused pre-rolls on the market were made from BHO, which is a much messier extraction process than solventless washing. With Bubble Hash, the flower is agitated in ice water, using the low temperatures to allow the ice to knock the trichomes off the cannabis plant and separating them from the plant material. Trichomes are the compounds in cannabis that contain all the cannabinoids and terpenes from the strain. These cannabinoids and terpenes are where you get all of the effects, flavors, and aromas from your cannabis. After the trichomes have separated from the plant material, it is dried and collected as bubble hash! Bubble hash is the highest testing plant based material in both cannabinoids and terpene levels. This allows it to mix much better with flower than any wax based material without degrading any of the components, creating an infused pre-roll that is directly infused with the cannabinoids and terpenes that you are smoking your weed for! Glorious released their bubble hash joints in two options. Each of these joints are infused with 25% bubble hash! They have full gram joints for a long burning, out-of-this-world smoke. They also have their dogwalker jars as well, with 3 half gram joints in each jar. These joints last about as long as it would take you to walk your dog with the same flavor profile and potency as the full grams, and with how Michigan feels, the potency of these joints will not be missed. —- About This Strain —- Fruit and gas combine in an intense infusion of juicy berry notes with a strong and complex gas profile. Refreshing and bold, this is the perfect full-bodied blend! The flower will be a collection of different strains to focus on individual effects and to add the cannabis notes to the strong flavor they have from the focused terpenes.

Strain TypeHybrid
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