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Cannabis Law: Consuming Cannabis

Cannabis can only be consumed by individuals who are at least 21 years old (medical patients are exempt). Never give a minor any cannabis product.

An individual over 21 can possess under ten (10) ounces of flower in their home and under one (1) ounce of flower of 5 grams of concentrate on their •person.

Cannabis cannot be consumed in public, so there is no sparking up in our parking lot! It is intended to be enjoyed in the privacy of your home. A landlord may lawfully prohibit a tenant from smoking, displaying, producing, or selling marijuana in their property. They cannot prohibit a tenant from consuming marijuana by means other than smoking on their property.

It is illegal to use marijuana while driving. Lock your cannabis in your trunk or glove box, otherwise you leave yourself vulnerable to fines up to $500.

An employer can restrict an employee from using marijuana in the workplace.

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